Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jewelry Displays

The best things in life are free....or cheap! For my upcoming show in Fresno, The Heart of California Bead and Adornment Expo, I found some vintage silver trays to display beads on. Some of these I already had since I am a junk store junkie! I think they will look so cute with my lampwork beads in them and add a continuity to the table.
I am also so excited about my new earring cards! ( I's the little things!)I was surprised to find how little selection there is for earring cards. Some of the best choices are on Etsy. I found these at Julry Partz. She was very easy to work with and a very reasonable $4.00 for a digital download that I can print as many as I want. I would recommend a heavy cardstock for these. I use plastic earring card adapters from Rio Grande, cut them in half, because I'm frugal...and punch holes for the earrings. (Always use earring nuts to keep them on the cards. I couldn't believe a recent thread on Facebook about whether to use them or not!)